Paintworks / Bath Road clinic

Offering chiropractic, osteopathy and cranial osteopathy services, the Paintworks / Bath Road Clinic is ideally located for patients living or working in: Brislington, Knowle, Knowle West, St Annes or Totterdown. Situated at The Paintworks, just off the Bath Road only a quarter of a mile from Bristol Temple Meads railway station, travel time by car from Bristol city centre is 5 minutes and only 10 minutes from the M32. For directions to The Paintworks, please click the link on the map.


By Bike, Foot, Bus or Taxi

As you come down the slope into The Paintworks (past the Boca Bar on the left) there is cycle parking on the right. Directly opposite, you will see our sign and some steps that lead up onto a wooden walkway along the edge of a building. Take the steps and then follow the walkway to the end and turn right and you will see a door in front of you with some buzzers. Press the 'Bristol Back Pain Clinic’ buzzer and we will let you in.

By Car 

FREE PARKING is available in Bay 73 – after entering The Paintworks via the entrance nearest to the Boca Bar, take the first left (after the Boca Bar) down 'The Hill', and then turn left again at the bottom of the 'The Hill'. Bay 73 is on the right against the river wall, opposite Epic Photography. 

Once you've parked, follow the directions on the sign in the parking bay to get to the clinic: head down the walkway between the two buildings opposite Bay 73 and you will see a door on the left with some buzzers. Press the 'Bristol Back Pain Clinic’ buzzer and we will let you in.

If Bay 73 is full, simply turn around and drive back along the river road to the visitor parking area on the left just past unit 5.4, which is free for three hours. To walk to the clinic from the visitor parking area, head back towards ‘The Hill’ and walk part way up it where you'll find a walkway underneath a building (marked gallery / events and café / courtyard), next to the zebra crossing. Head through the walkway, then turn right and you’ll see the door to the Bristol Back Pain Clinic (Unit 4.23) immediately on your right. Press the 'Bristol Back Pain Clinic’ buzzer and we will let you in.


Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 8.00pm and Saturday mornings, by appointment

  • 4.23 Paintworks, Bath Rd, Arno's Vale, Bristol, BS4 3EH
  • 0117 9723 518

Registered with most major health insurance companies