Covid-19 safety measures

Although there are currently no coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions in the UK, please see below for an overview of the hygiene measures in place at the clinic.


The government has removed the requirement for face masks in healthcare settings, unless there is the risk of splashing or known COVID infection. As such, facemasks are no longer compulsory in the clinic. However, should you wish to wear a mask when you visit, our practitioners will also wear one during your appointment. Our practitioners may also wear facemasks on an ad hoc basis if they deem it appropriate / necessary during an appointment.

Health and safety

Patient and practitioner health and safety are our absolute priority, so we will also continue to maintain the high levels of safety and hygiene that have ensured our clinic is a safe space throughout the pandemic. These include:

  • carefully following the advice from Public Health England (PHE)
  • wearing PPE in accordance with PHE guidance
  • cleaning the treatment room between patients
  • offering ‘Telehealth’ appointments for those who can’t or don’t want to visit in person
  • reducing time spent in clinic by asking patients to fill out our patient registration form online, in advance

What can you do?

You can help us by:

  • Completing the patient registration / consent forms we send in your appointment confirmation email before you arrive at the clinic
  • Arriving on time and not early – we will be cleaning the treatment room
  • Using the hand sanitiser provided on entering and leaving the clinic
  • Not coming to the clinic if you have COVID-19

We hope that this puts your mind at ease but should you have any concerns about visiting the clinic in person, please note that initial consultations can be carried out via our ‘Telehealth’ video or phone call service.

We hope this information is useful, but should you have any further questions about our safety measures or visiting the clinic, please call us on 0117 972 3518.