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Learn about what inspired South Bristol chiropractor Harry Kauntze to get into chiropractic

Harry Kauntze - Chiropractor

Harry was inspired to train as a chiropractor after chiropractic treatment helped him recover from chronic back and neck pain following a car crash in Zambia that ended his career as a safari guide. Harry understands the challenges and limitations of pain and is dedicated to restoring patients to their best, so they can live life to the full again. He has nearly 20 years’ experience as a chiropractor and loves his work.The aspects he most enjoys are diagnosing complex cases, as well as empowering patients by giving them knowledge and understanding of their bodies to help them bring about lasting change. Harry became a chiropractor in 2004, is registered with the General Chiropractic Council and is a member of the British Chiropractic Association. When he’s not working, Harry loves spending time with his young family as well as canoeing, free diving, climbing and hiking.

What Harry's patients say:

"I have suffered with lower back pain for several years now. When I started work as a veterinarian my pain became worse and I had severe back spasms that would prohibit me from working. Since seeing Harry I have not had a back spasm; Harry has been a life saver. A great practitioner, he is very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. I highly recommend Harry and the BBPC. I don't know what I would do without them."


Learn about what inspired South Bristol chiropractor Harry Kauntze to get into chiropractic

Louisa Conradi - Chiropractor

Louisa chose to become a chiropractor after chiropractic treatment changed her life. Having experienced years of debilitating pain after an ankle fracture, chiropractic treatment not only helped relieve her pain, but also prevented the need for surgery. As such, Louisa understands what living with chronic pain is like, and is dedicated to providing compassionate care and using a range of proven treatment techniques to bring about pain relief and help her patients regain - and maintain -their mobility and wellbeing. An expert in the latest musculoskeletal research and techniques, Louisa has a masters degree in chiropractic from the University of South Wales, graduating with distinction. Whether a patient is struggling with pain or simply wants to feel better in their body, Louisa is passionate about working with people of all ages, and, in addition to pain relief, thrives on providing personalised lifestyle and exercise advice to help her patients live their lives to the full. She is also particularly interested in helping active individuals reach their goals and overcome injuries, having provided pitch side care for CIAC RFC Rugby Club whilst studying in Wales. Additionally, Louisa has a strong interest in women's health and takes joy in supporting pregnant patients through their journey to motherhood. Louisa is registered with the General Chiropractic Council. Outside of work, Louisa loves reading, training at the gym, and the great outdoors, often spending her days off walking, hiking and camping. 

What Louisa's patients say:

"Louisa and the Bristol Back Pain Clinic have honestly changed my life. I have suffered with headaches and very tight shoulders for nearly 8 years and not only has Louisa helped enormously with the pain, she has (through genuine care) reassured and validated how I feel - something that I have become unaccustomed to when going to other clinics. I’ve gone from experiencing headaches almost daily to once a month, if that, I sleep better, I am pain free most days and I feel like myself again. I cannot recommend the Bristol Back Clinic enough and am looking forward to continuing with them, I only wish I’d invested in myself sooner."

"Louisa was very friendly, knowledgeable and was a big help in relieving my pain. She listened when I mentioned my nerves as pain was very acute, and tailored her treatment to suit this with ease."


Learn about what inspired South Bristol chiropractor Harry Kauntze to get into chiropractic

Marion Vey - Osteopath


Marion discovered her passion for osteopathy at an early age, after it helped her recover from minor injuries - and get the best out of her performances - as a young artistic gymnast. Now a registered osteopath herself, Marion treats patients from 10 years of age upwards with all manner of physical conditions, but still has a particular interest in injury rehabilitation and sporting performance. Since graduating with her osteopathy degree from Oxford Brookes University in 2016, Marion has worked in an Oxford based clinic for over 7 years, helping thousands of patients on their road to recovery. She is a highly experienced practitioner, offering a range of effective treatment techniques, including deep tissue massage, stretching, joint mobilisation and manipulations, as well as lifestyle advice and exercises to for patients to do at home. Registered with the General Osteopathic Council, Marion loves osteopathy’s hands-on, tailored treatment approach as well as the opportunity it gives her to meet people from all walks of life, and strongly believes it is a great way to empower people to have a better understanding of their bodies. When she’s not busy helping patients in clinic, Marion - who is fluent in French, loves to travel and also enjoys exercising, whether it’s running, doing weights in the gym or harking back to her artistic gymnastics days by having a spin in an aerial hoop!

What Marion's patients say:

"My 8 year old son tore some knee ligaments at a trampoline party (yes) and Marion was absolutely superb at dealing with the aftermath after NHS had done their thing. With a child it can be tricky to embed the routines required for recovery, but after the first session it was evident that Marion had performed nothing short of a miracle. Her bedside manner was brilliant and my son responded so well to her precise manipulation that he only really needed one more session after that. I cannot recommend Marion highly enough."


Melita Kauntze - Clinic Manager


As the practice manager Melita is not only responsible for ensuring the clinics run smoothly, but also for making sure our patients feel comfortable and receive the highest level of care by helping manage all the logistical aspects of their journey to better health. Melita also organises our regular professional development events to ensure our practitioners are up to date with the latest procedures and techniques. Outside the clinic, Melita is super mum to her three children.

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